Thursday, 21 April 2011


I have some more samples of natural dyes:
Red clover(In Menorca we call it enclova, it was brought here by the british and we took the word from them)

with alum and cream of tartar

with iron

Asphodelus tops. Last year I got a very nice yellow from the leaves


with alum and cream of tartar

with iron (I love this green!!)

Eucaliptus barck with iron. I never get the same colour with this stuff...

Together to better see the different colours

If I mix it with my last batch

I get 3 sets of shades from 3 different colours, about 100g each. The question now is how to spin it? Do I mix all the colours in 3 similar skeins? Or do I make 3 slightly variegated skeins with a different colour each? Yarns with subtil variations in colour are very useful, they cheer up plain stockinet and yet don't overshadow more elaborated stitches. Heavily variegated yarns are beautiful too, and I would have enough for a bigger project.

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