Thursday, 25 August 2011

Where did all the skeins go?

During the time I have been spinning and visiting blogs of fellow spinners I've become acquainted to many skeins of yarn, some have been born from my hands, some from other's. Have you ever wondered what happended to that gorgous yarn you saw long ago on somebody's blog? I mean to rescue my skeins from oblivion, this is the first one that has found an new purpose to it's life, and there'll be more to follow. If you want to remember the details of it's birth, go here (second picture).

It's a small shawl/short scarf with short rows to shape it's rounded edges.

I was pleased to find that the colours of a skein dyed more than one year ago with natural dyes have not faded the slightest.

So we all agree that machine knitting isn't cheating, right? ;)

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