Sunday, 16 October 2011

Easy cable socks

I enjoy knitting socks with intrincate patterns as much as any knitter, but I also love stockinette stitch, knitting in the round one knit stitch after the next, with those light needles, I find it a mind soothing pleasure, I could go one forever. As almost in everything in life, the smart way to go is balance, these socks fall more on the easy and mindless side, but are a step towards that balance.

They are really, really easy mostly stockinette with a samll area of simple cables thrown in, but they are pretty enough to look at.

Without noticing I made a fading experiment, i knitted one sock almost one year ago and threw it in a drawer, then I started the second at the beginning of summer but forgot about it and let it lay under a window until last week. It doesn't really show on the pictures, but in real life the second sock looks like a poor quality photocopy of the first one.

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  1. A mi també m'ha passat amb projectes que deixo abandonats durant uns quants mesos. La part nova sempre s'acaba veient diferent de la vella. Sembla mentida com podem anar canviant el nostre estil a l'hroa de teixir!